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This month has been absolutely crazy. I've been studying all month and last week I had my exams and I just finished my research paper. So I'm done with the first semester! Wohooo. I don't know yet if I passed everything, but it feels like I did ok.

My parents are coming over for a visit end of this week. So that will be nice and relaxing. I don't have to show em around that much, as they've already been here several times and have seen most of the touristy stuff. Just sitting on the sofa, relaxing with a book, going for dinner. What more do you want?

I hope everyone is doing good!


Oh deary, I will be so happy when this month is over. I am so busy with school and work. Well, it's come to a point where I have trouble concentrating at work because school is so crazy.

I'm currently studying for two exams I have next week and I spent all day yesterday writing a research paper. Not so much time for a social life right now. But only 1,5 week left and its over and I'm on my way to Copenhagen to visit a good friend of mine.

Hope everyone is doing well!



It's the new year!

And so the inevitable has happened, we have entered the year 2008! I wish everyone a very good new year and hope that some of your wishes will come true. Keep on smiling with the people around you and all will be well!



Oh dear, I just was told some Grey's Anatomy spoilers... Not cool!

Fanfic request

Hi All,

Does anyone know any good Grey's Anatomy fanfics? Preferably completed ones :)


best wishes

Hey all,

I wish everyone a very happy Christmas! I can already smell the delicious smells of our Christmas dinner.

Big hugs!

Finally home!

Yes! The Christmas holidays have officially begun! It took me a longer route to get home because the airplane couldn't land at the airport it was supposed to land due to the thick fog. So they flew to another city an hour south. Luckily my parents are absolute sweethearts and came to pick me up in the car so I didn't have to be cramped in a bus for an hour with the other passengers.

Now I'm home, cuddled up with my dogs, and enjoying the view of white frosty trees. It's pretty cold, but there's no snow on the ground. Just white grass because of the frost.

Sigh, it's good be home. :)


My week has been absolutely crazy. I feel like I've hardly had any time to breath. It's been work, school, stress, more work, more stress. And I sleep awful too. I keep waking up several times each night. So much for a good night sleep!

But... I have good news! I passed my first module for my course! I got a B+ in my Visual Communications class (graphics design). I had to do a presentation on a topic that I thought was interesting in regards to graphics, and I also had to design a book cover. So i think that well considering my mark! **does a dance**. Now lets hope I will do as well in my other classes... :S

Weekend stuff

I can't believe the weekend is already over again. Though it means it's closer to christmas now!

I went to see Enchanted in the cinema on Saturday and it rocked! I thought it was so funny. Amy Adams is playing her role wonderfully and it's cool to see Patrck Dempsey in a different role as McDreamy. I had a huge smile on my face almost the entire film.

Also had a house party on Saturday night at a friends house. It's a friend I like... a lot. But somehow nothing's happened yet. And I now also know that this friend is shy, just as me. So we're screwed, lol. (and that is not screwed in the good way!) So I have to see how I can make some progress here.

Sunday (today) I spent all day on my sofa listening to Christmas songs and writing an essay on Web 2.0. Oh the joys of homework. Luckily my project for Wednesday is almost done, so no fears for that. Now I just have to write a research project of 5000 words and another type of essay (word count unknown). Sigh, that will be some nice Christmas holidays.
weekend ramble!

My weekend was alright. I had a friend over from home which was cool, though the weather was less cool. It was extremely windy and rainy. So umbrellas were useless and no matter what way you were going to stand, the rain was always hitting you in the face. We managed to have a good time though with watching a lot of movies and just chilling out with some Guinness. :-)

I finished my first uni project yesterday. So one module has been wrapped up and I don't have to think about it anymore. Yay! Now I have to finish building my website in CSS (which is pretty far done already) and then I have a research paper left to write.... Yuck, why do I have to hand that in last? You normally leave the good stuff for last no?  *sigh*